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Why I Started This Blog

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Mum with a Creative Business Plan | 0 comments

I have wanted to start this blog up for a very, VERY long time…


It’s amazing how life can get in the way of all good intentions. Unfortunately for me, it’s not even the case that I’ve had a million things to do which have stopped me from getting started. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. For the past 5 years, I have spent approximately 70% of my time in bed, unable to do much apart from think, and plan.

I have a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, more commonly known as M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It’s an absolute bugger of an illness. Without wanting to sound too dramatic, it has been life changing, but not for the better. I can hardly do anything I used to be able to do. I have to plan rest days just so I can go out for the day with my family, or work at an event for the day. I can be stuck in bed for days at a time if I have a flare up. I also have the most annoying ‘brain fog’ which can sometimes make me look and sound like a complete idiot. Throw in Restless Leg Syndrome, sensitivity to light and sound, as well as regular migraines for good measure. Also add in that many people don’t actually believe that you are ill and that you should just ‘get on with it’ and you have a vague idea of what it is like for those of us who suffer from it.

I was very lucky, as I already had a successful creative business before I became unwell. For me, it was a case of drastically reducing my hours, but also learning how to work smarter. This took a lot of getting used to. I still mess up to this day and can sometimes do too much, which leads me to having to spend the next few days in bed, wishing I had the energy to kick myself for being so stupid.

I started making notes when I wasn’t well enough to work, on everything relating to my creative business. I went through how I set up as a business, everything I could possibly think of relating to events and pop up shops and everything to do with selling online. I also wrote about many other related topics, from social media marketing to doing accounts. I went through my business and experiences with a fine tooth comb and made sure I had notes about everything (that was a pretty epic feat in itself with my complete mashed potato brain!).

I figured that with all my experience in running my own creative business, the bad bits as well as the good bits, I could give people a complete guide on how to get started, and then how to build their own successful businesses too. People always ask me for advice on different things relating to a creative business, so I must be doing something right for them to ask my opinion on things?

This blog is the first step for Mum With A Plan. As you may have noticed, it isn’t very heavily populated yet (Oct, 2019). I am making myself accountable by launching it like this so my followers can see it grow. I am helping you to build your own business at the same time as I am growing a new part of mine. I am also starting a closed Facebook group which I hope will become a community of like-minded people.

The second step for Mum With a Plan will be an online course and mentor-ship for people wanting to learn in depth. I will be starting with Etsy as that is one of my strongest income streams. I have made 1000 sales in the past 12 months alone on Etsy, and I have so much advice to share with you all.

I know many people out there would love to be doing what I’m doing; working part time from home, making a decent wage at the same time. There are usually one of five things holding people back:

1-Not knowing what to do

2-Fear of failure

3-Time constraints

4-Worry that it will be expensive to start a business

5-Thinking you aren’t creative or artistic enough.

My responses to the above…

1-I’m going to guide you through all of that

2-You need to just get over that one. I quit a full time job when my business was only a few months old as I just needed to rise above the fear of failure.

3-I spend most of my time in bed so this is not a full time plan unless you want it to be.

4-I had zero to start with. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to set up. I raised £150 from selling old clothes on eBay to fund my start up

5-You don’t have to be an accomplished artist or anything to have a creative business. When I started, I started from scratch by buying a book and teaching myself how to make jewellery. I then taught myself how to sew. I even have a brilliant niche for those of you who don’t want to create as such, but still want to have a creative business.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



Allison x



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